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White grapes bursting with sunshine

© José Crespo

Grape harvest time

© José Crespo

Buds become grapes

© José Crespo

October, harvest time

© José Crespo

Green vineyard

© José Crespo

Red grapes waiting to be picked

© José Crespo

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The CIVCV – Interprofessional Community of Chablais Vaudois Wines – is an association which brings together grape and wine producers from Villeneuve, Yvorne, Aigle, Ollon and Bex.

Membership of the group is completely volontary and today counts 56 members who represent a large majority of the Chablais production line.

The CIVCV’s mission is the study and coordination of the viti-vinicultural policies of Chablais vaudois along with the development, regulation and execution of tasks in the fields of competence that have been delegated to them by the canton.

Its main objectives are to define a coherent strategy in the production and marketing of Chablais vaudois wines as well as making sure that such defined methods are implemented appropriately.


Membership fees 2016

Winemaker-cellarmasterCHF 100.-
CooperativeCHF 200.-
Wine merchantCHF 200.-
Municipal wineryCHF 250.-
Professional Defence OrganisationCHF 250.-

Geographic situation

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Vins du Chablais
p.a. Office du Tourisme d'Aigle
Rue Colomb 5
Case postale 100
1860 Aigle
Phone +41 (0)79 826 78 41


Practical information

Aigle Wines

The Aigle Wines promotion group

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Vine and Wine Museum

Aigle Château houses the Vine and Wine Museum. Don’t wait ; discover it now !

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Hiking trail

Vineyard trail

A waymarked trail from Yvorne to Lavey-les-Bains has been specially constructed so that you can better get to know the Chablais vineyards
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Ollon VD

Balades dans le vignoble d'Ollon

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Wine Chablais, p.a. Office du Tourisme Aigle, Rue Colomb 5, 1860 Aigle, Suisse - Tél +41 (0)79 826 78 41 - vin@aigle-tourisme.ch
Communauté Interprofessionnelle des Vins du Chablais Vaudois, copyright 2013